Pedagogical Toolkit

What is it?

A library that brings together 4 types of adapted teaching resources (learning stories, practical tips, model lessons and teaching activity) as part of the Entrecomp skills framework.

Who are they for?

These resources are aimed at people with difficulties, disabilities or disadvantages, their families and all learning facilitators (teachers, trainers, support teachers, educators).

How can they be used?

All these resources are the outcomes of the cooperation of special educators, specialists in learning difficulties and experts in new technologies and are freely downloadable for offline consultation. They can be freely used without commercial use.

Entrecomp competences
Entrecomp competences
  • All
  • Mobilising resources (5)
  • Coping with ambiguity / uncertainty / risks (4)
  • Creativity (4)
  • Ethical and sustainable thinking (4)
  • Motivation and perseverance (4)
  • Financial and Economic Literacy (3)
  • Learning through experience (3)
  • Planning and management (3)
  • Self awareness and self efficacy (3)
  • Valuing ideas (3)


Pedagogical resources
  • All
  • Tip (19)
  • Learning Unit (14)
  • Practical activity (14)
  • Learning story (5)


Applying critical thinking approach to cope with uncertainty and complexity

Recycle heroes

Story seed

Support learning and generalisation in decision-making

Encouraging self-confidence and promoting creativity

Inspiring Through Personal Stories

WOOP Methode: Achieve your goals and visions

Mobilising the potential of migrants and young refugees through VET

Effective meeting

Workplace safety lesson plans (for migrants)


I am – Self-reflection method

Supportive communication and emotional awareness

Helping students to cope with uncertainty and risks. Emotional awareness questionnaire (EAQ)

Integrate Creative Expression

Your best experience ever

Your Personal Finance

Interactive case study

Evaluating your idea

Setting SMART goals

Spotting opportunities

Quality of life mandala

The compass for decision-making


Test your finance

Mapping learning-ecosystem

How to find reliable information and sources using critical thinking techniques

Creating a story

Being a Good Online Citizen

Challenging yourself

Analyse an organisational process

Your business opportunity

Stereotypes in the social media

Know your best skills in action

Person-centred planning

Doughnut Diagram

Effective feedback – Working with others

Improving the Process of Generating Ideas

The Learning Ecosystem MAP

Real talk

Decision-Making and Planning

Critical news consumption

It’s about taking action

Creativity teaching

Which is your passion?

How to become your own boss

Applying financial and economic literacy in education

William Kamkwamba

Tham Luang Cave Rescue

Bebe Vio

Greta Thunberg

The Mardini sisters